First Brewday on the 10 Barrel System!

On Tuesday, August 9th, we brewed our first batch of beer on the big system, a Session IPA!  Up until now, we had been brewing on a system about 1/10th the size of our main system, making small batches of beer that fill up about 2 kegs per batch.  Not a huge step up from what Kevin and Matt were used to doing at home.  But in another week or so, we will fill 14 full sized kegs with the Session IPA in preparation of the grand opening!

Brewing on our 10 bbl system from Alpha Brew Ops went surprisingly well the first time around.  We had our consultant John with us the whole day, which made it a lot less stressful.

We had originally planned to brew our house IPA, but realized the day before that we didn’t have enough yeast for that strength beer, so we made a last minute decision to brew the Session IPA, which was originally planned for the second round of beers.  Fortunately we had all the ingredients for that beer on hand, and the amount of yeast we had available was just right for that beer.

Kevin adding 7 pounds of hops to the kettle

We used Mosaic and Chinook hops for the Session IPA, all of which were added at the end of the boil, which should give this beer a ton of hop flavor and aroma, while maintaining a low level of bitterness.  This beer will end up in the 4-5% ABV range, categorizing it as a “session” beer, meaning you can drink several of these in a single session!

Emptying spent grains from the mash tun

On Thursday, two days after our first batch on the big system, Matt and Kevin flew solo and brewed a Munich Dunkel Lager.  And on Tuesday of this week, they will fill the third fermenter with a batch of the house IPA.  After that beer is safe and fermenting, we plan on making the announcement of our Grand Opening, so stay tuned!

Adding yeast to the fermenter

Here is a sneak preview of the beers that we have brewed to date so far, we haven’t finalized all the names for the beers, so we will keep that a surprise. We are getting super excited to prepare to bring Charlottesville more great craft beer!

1 bbl pilot system:

Mosaic Pale Ale
Amber Ale
Brown Ale
Black IPA


10 bbl Alpha system:

Session IPA
Munich Dunkel
IPA (this Tuesday)
German Lager (round 2)
Pale Ale (round 2)



First Brewday on the 10 Barrel System!

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