Brewhouse Arrival and Construction Updates

One of the final and biggest pieces of the puzzle arrived this week!  Our brewhouse, consisting of a mash/lauter tun and boil kettle, the equipment we will actually be brewing the beer on, was delivered from Nebraska.  We had another beautiful day to unload the equipment and forklift it into the building, but unfortunately we are not quite at the point where we can set the equipment in place and hook it up.

Mash/Lauter tun coming off the truck

Construction is starting to pick up though.  Framing is almost complete inside for the yeast lab/office, bathrooms, mill room, and cold room.  A new storefront is framed out that will increase the amount of light entering the space and provide access to the patio.

New storefront framing and future access to patio

Our walk in cooler was built this week as well.  Recycled panels from previous cold rooms were used to keep the cost down.  I found out the panels came from Alabama, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, all states I have some ties to (cousins in Alabama, lived in Pennsylvania, friends in South Carolina).




We will be wrapping the cold room with drywall to make it look a bit nicer from the tasting room side.  At about 125 sq.ft., this thing will get packed pretty tight.  Because we will have serving tanks, that will mean less beer kegged, so we are hoping we don’t outgrow this before we open!

We now have a temporary sign up on the building side that faces Preston Avenue!  We were excited to get this up, and hope that everyone driving by sees it and starts getting excited about Random Row!  Our patio will be poured in front of where the sign is now.  I can already picture a food truck parked next to the patio and people sitting outside sipping on their Random Row beer!  We are finalizing our plans for the outdoor space and hope to maximize how much common area we can have access to.  Still a few things to sort out with the ABC to be sure we are complying with alcohol laws, but we are optimistic that our outdoor space will be one of the main draws of the brewery.  More to come on the patio space when it is sorted out!  sign no trucks in front.jpg

Here are a few more pictures of us moving the brewhouse into the building!

Oh, and did we mention there will be parking!? About 150 spots actually.  Paving was started this week as well.  Can’t wait to see all those parking spots right outside our building!

Looking out from our building, Moxie hair salon is our neighbor!

Cheers! -Kevin

Brewhouse Arrival and Construction Updates

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