First Delivery of Equipment!

On Friday we received our first delivery of equipment! Our 15 bbl hot liquor tank, 3 x 7 bbl fermenters, and 4 x 7 bbl serving tanks all came on a 40 ft trailer.  It took us about 3 hours to unload the truck and bring everything into our space, which is still a ways away from being ready.  So for now, its all tucked away in the corner until we can get the brewery area built and ready to place the tanks in their final location.

We will be getting our dual compressor, 10 HP glycol chiller in the next week or two, which will sit outside the building in front.  To prepare for the chiller, we will be pouring a level concrete pad for it to sit on.

The remaining equipment, including the 10 bbl brewhouse, should be arriving in about a month.  We are hoping the brewery will be ready to accept the brewhouse when it gets here via Lincoln, NE (Alpha Brewing Ops).  We are currently getting ready to lay our trench drains and finish up the concrete floors, and finalizing the design for our HVAC systems.   Still a lot of work to get done for our anticipated June opening!

15 BBL Hot Liquor Tank
15 BBL Hot Liquor Tank


4 serving tanks in front, HLT and Fermenters in back
7 BBL serving tank


7 BBL Fermenter
First Delivery of Equipment!

One thought on “First Delivery of Equipment!

  1. Jeffrey Bloem says:

    Gents! Let’s talk about getting some local C’ville malt into that 10bbl system! Check out Murphy+Rude Malting Co. on IG: @murphyrudemalting and then lets set up a time to chat. Would love to visit the new digs on Preston and learn more about Random Row.


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