We Have a Logo!



We worked with Kiki Hocking at KikiJeanDesign to come up with what you see here. Logo development was a very interesting and educational process for us, as we tend to fall on the scientific side of the brain spectrum. We wanted something that would be recognizable, that would be aesthetically pleasing, and that would have meaning. And we wanted people to be able to look at it, without reading, and think “beer.” One of our favorite brewery logos is from Real Ale Brewing Co. in Texas – very clean, very attractive, and subtle but obvious meaning (for those of you interested in graphic design, the story behind the logo and re-branding is quite interesting, and you can read it here)

To say “beer” we chose to use a row of barley kernels, for several reasons. First, malted barley is an essential component of beer. The other essential components are water and hops (at least according to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, aka the “Reinheitsgebot”; of note yeast were not part of the Reinheitsgebot). Second, while we love hops (and hoppy beers), we think the beer pendulum is going to start swinging back towards malt, and one of our brewer’s signature beers is a to-die-for dopplebock – so it seemed only fitting to anchor our logo with barley, not hops.

We also wanted to anchor the logo in something meaningful to us, and for that we chose the cross section of a tree. Why? Because Random Row Brewing Company is located right next to the King Lumber Building, in what was likely a lumber yard. We wanted to incorporate the original map of the neighborhood into the logo somehow, but it got too messy – so we will be using the map as a sort of secondary logo.

random row street map

Map of the original Random Row neighborhood (most of which is gone)

Here is what our logos look like on a t-shirt (we will be doing a bulk order soon, for those who are interested):

RRBC Shirt - Next Level TriBlend - Blue

Or in a beer hall!

More RRBC Stuff

We Have a Logo!

2 thoughts on “We Have a Logo!

  1. Kevin Day says:

    For whatever it’s worth, I love getting to listen in on the creative, collaborative work you all undertake to bring this vision off the page and into the world.
    I also love that you are honoring a nearly-forgotten neighborhood in all aspects of your development, from this blog to your t-shirts…. Might there be a way to include something like a mini-exhibit (images/maps/a few quotes) that introduces/tells the story of this former neighborhood when interested folks walk in…?


    1. Thanks for your comment, Kevin. Yes! we are definitely planning on having some sort of display that describes the history of the neighborhood. Our tasting room will have several diagrams and pictures educating everyone on how beer is made as well as the history behind our location. We look forward to having you check it out!


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